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Just be - let me tell you.

And I realized that I do this thing where I keep waiting to get to the next place or the next stage or the next season of life and I look ahead longingly and think,  There – there is where I’ll really be the person I’m supposed to be.  Instead of waking up in the morning and being her now, in the moment, when I really want it more than anything. 

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Let me tell you about grace.

I’m sitting in Buenos Aires on my bed in my little room that is about the size of a Vandy-Barnard single back at school which means it’s just right for me and the stuff I brought with me.  I’m taking some time to digest everything that I’ve heard and seen and done and said and been and heard and seen the last three days.  And I’m starting to think it’s high time I give my own story a little grace.

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