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I took a walk with God - let me tell you what I learned.

“There aren’t many moments in your life where you can pinpoint them as life changing as they are happening. But that’s the thing about God. When you are able to have a three hour discussion with Him, you know it will change you. Even thirty second of time with Him is huge. And I knew that it was what I needed to step fully into His light. All it took was a little faith, a little trust, and an open heart.”

It is a joy to welcome Colin Johnson to the blog today to tell his story.

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Let me tell you about forgiveness.

Practicing forgiveness is a way of acknowledging our true place. We’re fellow lawbreakers and fellow servants. We’ve been given much, forgiven much more than we’ll ever have to forgive ourselves. And truly, we reap fantastic rewards when we forgive.

It's a joy to welcome Emily Conrad to the blog today!

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