Let me tell you about 2017.

The past few years, Spotify has released a "Your Top Songs of 2017" feature that always intrigues me.  What songs have I listened to because they're old favorites, and what songs fell into my lap for the first time?  And most of all - what songs summed up the way I saw the world at a particular moment?

That's what this list is for.  Here are some of my favorites, the ones that echoed through my year and made it what it was to me.

1 - Out of the Dark - Dia Frampton

I cracked and lost my way
I didn’t leave a mark
I’m coming up from the grave
Stumbling out of the dark

2- Hard Times - Paramore

All that I want is a hole in the ground
You can tell me when it’s alright for me to come out

Hard times, gonna make you wonder why you even try
Hard times, gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
These lives, and I still don’t know how I even survive
Hard times, hard times

3 - Everything is Mine in You - Christy Nockels

Everything is mine in You
Even when my heart is breaking
Everything is mine in You
Even when my hands are empty
Everything is mine in You

Against all hope, I will hope
Against all fear, I will draw near
I am drawing near to You, Lord

4 -  Coins in a Fountain - Passenger

Love is a fireside
Warm on the coldest of nights
Love is the only song I’ll sing
Love is the truest of words
Love is the last winter bird
Love is the only song I’ll sing

5 - Wonder - Hillsong United

I see the world Your way
And I’m not afraid to follow
I see the world Your way
And I’m not ashamed to say so
I see the Jesus way
And I’m walking in the light, I’m walking in the wonder

6 - Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay

Where’d you wanna go, how much you wanna risk?
I’m not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts
Some superhero, some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to, somebody I can kiss
I want something just like this

7 - Down - Andrew Belle

Somebody said that you know when you know
That’s all I got so I got with the flow
Nobody died playing safe from the ground
We’ll only fly if we don’t look down
If we don’t look down

8 - You Are Loved - Ellie Holcomb

But you are loved, oh
Not because of what you’ve done, no
Even when your heart has run the other way
Nothing’s gonna change His love
And you are wanted
Not because you are perfect
I know that you don’t think you’re worth that kind of grace
But look into His face you’ll know
That you are loved...

9 - One Foot - Walk the Moon

Cross my heart and hope to die
Taking this one step at a time
I got your back if you got mine
Oh, one foot in front of the other

10 - New Year's Day - Taylor Swift

Don’t read the last page, but I stay
When it’s hard or it’s wrong or we’re making mistakes
I want your midnights
And I’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day

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