Let me tell you about community.

And when I can walk into a community without expectations for what it’s supposed to be for me, what I want it to do for me, only then is when community comes alive in my life, serving the purposes He’s designed it to serve.

In all the ways I didn't expect, even in a shorter season, I'm so glad this trip gave me that reminder.  To the James Madison Fellows at the 2018 Summer Institute: thank you.

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Let me tell you about loss.

Grief is a funny thing.  There is a huge hole in my life and the lives of my family, with all of these memories swirling around inside.  They get a little quieter, then they get a little louder, and some days I forget they’re there, but I never forget that he isn’t. 

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Why I'm in Washington - let me tell you.

At the end of my last blog post, I hinted that something different was coming up for me in this second month of summer.  While the simple explanation might be that I’m taking a summer course as a part of my fellowship, there’s actually a lot more to the program than that, and to me it’s more that’s worth sharing.

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Mundane moments - let me tell you.

Time and space is a weird thing when you start thinking through the odds of it all. The fact that we would be here, stepping into these stories with these same people at our sides. More often than not, it makes me feel lucky. It makes me glad my God is my God, because it doesn’t get any clearer that He makes the mundane moments absolutely marvelous.

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Let me tell you about forgiveness.

Practicing forgiveness is a way of acknowledging our true place. We’re fellow lawbreakers and fellow servants. We’ve been given much, forgiven much more than we’ll ever have to forgive ourselves. And truly, we reap fantastic rewards when we forgive.

It's a joy to welcome Emily Conrad to the blog today!

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Let me tell you about refocusing.

Refocusing my priorities, putting my time in the Word ahead of my time spent on school and work and people is great - but how much of a difference do I really let it make?  I still get stressed when I can't find my own solutions, when the broken in front of me and the heaviness in me feels like a multitude.

God never asked us to face multitudes of hurt and helplessness on our own.  He wanted us to fight the battles with Him, in His name.  All we have to do is ask.

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Defining good - let me tell you.

In the spring, I studied Romans 8:28 with a mentor.  The first half is used often in Christian circles in times of trouble to reassure us that there is a bigger plan, but let’s talk about the word good for a second.  It’s no wonder that we look to this verse to remind ourselves that “good” is something promised, that it’s a part of God’s plan.  But when we do, how are we defining good? 

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Let me tell you about 2017.

The past few years, Spotify has released a "Your Top Songs of 2017" feature that always intrigues me.  What songs have I listened to because they're old favorites, and what songs fell into my lap for the first time?  And most of all - what songs summed up the way I saw the world at a particular moment?

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When it's a hard love - let me tell you.

It's a hard love, friends.  It can be hard to get up day in and day out and choose to believe it.  Change hurts and it feels like a fall from a height you didn't know you'd climbed to and you never wanted to find in the first place.

But I am here to tell you that it does not stay hard forever.

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Let me tell you about time.

I'm only a week into grad school, and I can already feel the tension rising.  I feel myself starting to rise to the pressure to give the right answers, to be seen as capable, confident and collected.  And the frantic thought at the forefront of my mind - but there's never going to be enough time.

Do you feel the same?

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